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In 2008 he left it all behind. His family, his friends, everything he had, all to start a new journey, "The American Dream". He moved to Brooklyn with nothing but some clothes, passion, and determination. Drew attended The Broadway Dance Center where he studied ballet, contemporary dance and began his professional career as a hip-hop dancer. As a pro dancer, he then became an internationally signed model.

His passion for fitness started at the young age of 13 when he was trying to shape up for his first motorcycle championship. 

"In my life I've been disciplined in several sports. Soccer, basketball, dance...and now I can mix all of my knowledge into my training methods. With all of my experience, I can adapt my routines to a variety of different demands. I love to be able to transfer my passion and my experience to my clients, through motivation and education."

Today, Drew is a NASM Cpt-WFS, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, Certified Weightlifting Performance Coach and Poliquin Group Program Design Periodization Specialist, who constantly strives to expand his knowledge  and continuously seeks to push clients to their maximum potential. 

No one says it better than Drew himself:

"I work hard, I train hard, I eat right, & I keep myself educated and informed. I define myself as a "perfectionist" and I absolutely love my job!"

Drew's weakness: Nutella

"Persistence is the key to success"

Drew Iwanejko

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